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May 10, 2003 Meeting Minutes





The meeting was called to order by President Tim Velloney at 11:40 AM on Saturday, May 10th at The Alumni.  Attending were Tim Velloney, George Thompson, Chris Orth and club member Kevin Sabins.  A quorum was established.



Tim stated that the minutes from the previous meeting had already been approved.



Tim reported that we could purchase up to 42 tickets for an upcoming game in Cleveland this season, but it was first come first serve and required money up front.  Everyone agreed that since interest for the Oakland game was already expressed by a member, that the club would be emailed that this is the game we are submitting for, and if they were interested, they would need to get their money in within 2 weeks.

No report from George

Chris reported that several updates had been made to the web site, and a few more would be completed this weekend.



Tim nominated Kevin Sabins for board membership.  George seconded. 

George motioned that since there were no other nominations, a formal election should be waived and the present board would be re-elected and retain their present office, and Kevin Sabins would fill the vacant board position with the office of Secretary.  Chris seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.




Viewing Location

Alumni owner Ernie met with the board and reported that:

He had to install a new dish in order to subscribe to NFL Ticket, and he did so.

He will have 3 proposed menus for us to review and select our favorite from.

He plans to have 2 bartenders, 2 waiters, and 2 cooks at games.

His staff would help us enforce “members only” meal rules.

He would reserve Alumni on Dec. 13th from 6-9PM for private party.



Charity Discussion

Kevin expressed an interest in compiling a summary of the charitable donations we have made monetarily, giftwise, dog food pounds, and donated time to use as a public relations tool to promote club.  Tim said he would put together that information.

Tim suggested that we continue to consider donations that make a bigger difference to the organization proportionately as opposed to large organizations like United Way.




Raffle Merchandise

Tim presented a list of the items we already have for raffles, and encouraged us to look for deals.  He also mentioned that we would need some nice items for the Browns/Broncos game.


Game Day Events

The board decided to schedule the first member appreciation meal for the Cincinnati game September 28th.  This would be the cookout.  The buffet meal is scheduled for the Patriots game on Oct. 26th.  The pizza party was left TBA. 

George motioned that we charge $5 per person for non-members for the member appreciation meals.  Chris seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.



George reported that there had been no income or expenses since last meeting, so the balance was the same.  He mentioned that we should go ahead and consider it $400 less, as that amount is earmarked for the Super Bowl Fund.  Kevin suggested that we should put the Super Bowl Fund into an interest bearing account, and George agreed to present those options at the next meeting.


Browns/Broncos Game

Tim reported that he has been working with the Yukon Tavern to provide catering and party services for the Browns/Broncos game.  He wants to get a cost/person as soon as possible so he can determine a final package cost for the event within the next 2 weeks. 

Kevin motioned that if the cost of the Yukon’s services is $28 per person or less, Tim is authorized to contract their services without board approval.  George seconded.

Motion passed unanimously.


Open Discussion

Kevin expressed an interest in redesigning the club logo to help generate more club apparel sales.  Chris said he works with design students at PPCC and that they might be interested in submitting designs.  The board agreed that we should plan on 2 orders for apparel to insure having enough for Browns/Broncos game.  Kevin recommended that bandanas with our logo be added to the apparel line.  Discussion of these items was tabled until next meeting.


7.      ADJOURN

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 1:45PM.